The Welsh Government has announced a freeze on the building of new road projects while it reviews their environmental impact. Andy Davies reports.
Lebanon is a country teetering on the brink of collapse. The optimism of the revolution in 2019 has now almost totally dissipated and the economy is in freefall. The currency is plunging, bringing with it hyper-inflation. Last year’s massive explosion […]
In CCTV images played in court, Andrew Hall shouts, “Help me – I’m being killed.” He was a black man who died shortly after he’d been restrained by police for two hours. Leg restraints, handcuffs and a spit hood were […]
In Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party is getting its third leader in two months. Their Westminster leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson is taking over leadership of the DUP after no rival candidates put themselves forward to contest the election. The […]
The government borrowed another £24 billion in May, and while the deficit is falling, the sums involved are still eye watering. It makes a difficult backdrop to the government’s spending round, due this Autumn. The Prime Minister is enthusiastic about […]
Kenneth Clarke, a Conservative former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Home Secretary, called Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plan for a new £200-million royal yacht “silly populist nonsense,” in an interview with the BBC. Clarke – who served in a variety […]
Marks & Spencer, the UK’s biggest underwear retailer, has been mocked after claiming its latest “inclusive” range of lingerie was inspired by the death of the black man George Floyd at the hands of a US police officer. In a […]
A new report which claims the term “white privilege” can be “divisive” and disadvantgaes the white working class has sparked fresh debate on “racist Britain”, with some accusing the government of deflecting from its own errors. The report by MPs […]
The EU has kicked off a storm after reportedly looking to curb the “disproportionate” influence of British TV and film programming by excluding its content from quotas protecting the “cultural diversity” of European productions. The EU’s ‘Audiovisual and Media Services […]
Who do you predict will win? (pic: Metro) The Tuesday Inbox hears more arguments on the pros and cons of Xbox Game Pass, as one reader is surprised the Xbox Series X hasn’t sold out. To join in with the […]