From Italy’s triumph to the UK receiving zero points at Eurovision this weekend, what does it really take to win this legendary competition? And can you really separate the politics from Eurovision?

It’s the contest that played a role in a coup in Portugal and was once a vital cultural symbol during the Cold War.

In today’s episode, Kiran talks to expert, Paul Jordan, aka Dr Eurovision, and the UK’s most recent winner and pop legend, Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, as we delve into the weird and wonderful world of Eurovision.


Eurovision Song Contest, BBC News.

European Broadcasting Union Signature Tune / Prelude to Te Deum / Marc- Antoine Charpentier

Net als toen / Guus Jansen / Willy van Hemert

Puppet on a String / Bill Martin / Phil Coulter

Un jour, un enfant / Emil Stern / Eddy Marnay

E Depois de Adeus / Jose Calvario

Everybody / Ivar Must / Maian-Anna Karmas

Diva / Tzvika Pick / Yoav Ginai

Hard Rock Hallelujah/ Miss Awa / Mr Amen / Mr Kalma / Mr Kita / Mr Lordi

Flying the Flag (For You) / Russ Spencer / Morten Schjolin / Andrew Hill / Paul Tarry

Cry Baby / Martin Isherwood

Waterloo / Benny Andersoon / Bjorn Ulvaeus / Stig Anderson

Ne partez pas sans moi / Nella Martinetti / Attila Sereftug

Euphoria / Thomas G:Son / Peter Bostrom

Love Shine a Light / Kimberley Rew

Walking on Sunshine / Kimberley Rew



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