Public health expert says social distancing and mask guidance should stay in place for foreseeable future Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has been urged to pull the plug on the final easing of coronavirus […]
The G7 summit risks being overshadowed by the bitter standoff over Brexit The French president last night ramped up the pressure on Boris Johnson over the Northern Ireland protocol by insisting “nothing is negotiable” as the G7 summit of world […]
Scientists hope they are a step closer to eradicating dengue fever following a successful trial in Indonesia that saw cases fall by 77 per cent, by manipulating the mosquitoes that spread it. They harnessed a bacteria called Wolbachia that stops […]
The last images of two sisters celebrating in a country park before becoming the victims of a relentless and frenzied attack have been shown at the Old Bailey. CCTV also played to the jury showed the alleged killer returning to […]
On the eve of the G7 summit, Channel 4 News spoke to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the importance of an agreement being made on providing more vaccinations to poorer nations.
In Cornwall it looks idyllic and peaceful but following the politicians are the protesters. It has become part of summit rituals. With the handling of the pandemic and climate change on the G7 agenda, Extinction Rebellion and Resist G7 among […]
The government’s decision making in the early days of the pandemic will forever be scrutinised. Today, we got a bit closer to finding out what the health secretary says he did and did not know early last year. For four […]
Downing Street thinks spending can wait because public not ‘distressed’ about long delays yet, source says Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson may have to spend up to £40bn to try to repair NHS waiting […]
A hotel in England hosting security for Germany’s G7 delegates was shut down after 13 staff members tested positive for Covid, Sky News reported. The UK PM’s office said German leader Angela Merkel will still attend the event. The Pedn […]
The UK government has reached an agreement on fishing quotas for this year with the EU, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) said on Thursday. The annual negotiations for 2021 are the first the UK has participated […]